Audiofreq – Audioception

Audiofreq – Audioception

Are you ready to accelerate your evolution? AUDIOCEPTION is out now!


Album Tracklist 


1. Audioception Part 1 (Prologue)

2. Audioception Part 2 (Exposition)

3. Escape (feat Teddy)

4. Desire

5. Screwdriver (feat TNT)


6. Chase (feat Teddy)

7. Drumz (feat D-Block & S-te-Fan)

8. The Gospel

9. Speekaz Kikk (feat MC Shureshock)

10.  GHYL (Intermission)


11. Mutate (feat Geck-E)

12. Volition

13. Time Machine

14. Outlaw (feat Kutski)



16. Russian Sleep Experiment (feat High Voltage)

17. Caged (feat Teddy)

18. Trigger (feat MC I SEE)

19. Prelude to the Future (Intermission)

20. Welcome to the Future

21. Public Service Announcement (Epilogue)


For over two years, Audiofreq has been carving an intense musical path through his artistic mind. The moment of fruition is finally upon us, and as of October 21, 2013 you will embark on an extraordinary voyage through four stages of evolution. Beginning with conception, the album travels a further two stages, adaption and mutation, before concluding with Audiofreq’s own musical revolution.

AUDIOCEPTION is comprised of 21 unquestionably diverse tracks. “I created something like 80 different ideas and sketches with influences from 80’s movie soundtracks, reggae, soul & funk, synth wave, house and techno.” explains Audiofreq. “I discarded what I felt wasn’t good enough or didn’t fit as part of the destination of this album journey.” he continued. Amongst the staggering solo productions, Audiofreq has worked with some of his closest friends and colleagues, such as D-Block & S-te-Fan, TNT aka. Technoboy ‘N’ Tuneboy, Kutski, High Voltage and many more, to push the boundaries of AUDIOCEPTION even further.